Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mason Will Run In 66th District

Have desk will travel.
Cory Mason has had a bulls-eye on his back for the last few years. It's been common knowledge the Wisconsin GOP would take any opportunity to get rid him...they even found a Republican opponent in 2010 who kinda looked like him to run against.

(Lolz, they did the same thing to Kim Plache when they ran nobody Cathy Stepp against her - they really do think you're that dumb.)

Well, Cory Jr. didn't beat him and then of course there was that embarrassing smack down on MSNBC during the 2011 winter protests when Mason made Rep. Scott Suder look like a chimp...or should we say, look more like a chimp.

So their next trick was to re-district Mason's Assembly seat by removing 93% of his constituents. They left him in his house, but drew a little pendulum down around it and then pushed it straight up to Caledonia and out to Raymond where no Democrat could ever win.

Well, how you like him now bitches? Mason announced yesterday with the retirement of Rep. Bob Turner, he'll run in Bob's district instead. Turner's newly drawn 66th district has more of Mason's old constituents than the bullshit one the GOP drew for him anyway.

We can hear the gnashing of Republican teeth from here.