Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mining Company Flops On The Floor In Tantrum

Tiny, tiny violins for the Gogebic Taconite mining bill that didn't pass the Wisconsin Senate yesterday. Within hours of learning the bill was sent back to committee they issued a press release which said they were outta here.

Their commitment to drafting responsible legislation on behalf of the people of Wisconsin and the pristine environment they intended to impact warms us still...what a bunch of assholes.

Now things got dicey this week when Republicans waived the union jobs card in front of workers who could fucking use a break. They tried to pit union against union - which was masterfully documented by our friend, Blue Cheddar - and like a new shiny object some unions started going for it.

Let's be clear, whatever jobs Gogebic dangled were years away and far fewer than they claimed. It was a fairy tale and it certainly wasn't going to do anything for workers who need jobs now.

Does anyone really believe a company who wrote a bill that was bad for the local people, bad for the environment, at odds with the Federal Government and ignored every single scientist and conservation group with serious concerns about their plans was going to right by workers in Wisconsin? Really?