Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pope Paul Ryan Says Deficit Is Immoral - Lightning Strike Expected Soon

Pope Pious Paul Ryan often says it is "morally wrong" to ignore the U.S. deficit. Not "bad" or "ignorant" or "reckless" or "foolish"...Ryan says it is "morally wrong." We have heard him say it ourselves.

Stealing, lying and cheating are things we think of as morally wrong. Ignoring the U.S. deficit? Not so much.

Only a guy who can offer up a budget rejected by the religious community as truly immoral could make that connection. You gotta be pretty flexible to be the guy with a hard-on for Ayn Rand during the week -while you sit in mass on Sunday - and not realize what a hypocrite you are.

P90-X kind of flexible.

So yesterday, Father Thomas Kelly, a priest and constituent of Ryan's from Elkhorn had this to say about Ryan's newest budget plan:
"As a constituent of Congressman Ryan and a Catholic priest, I’m disappointed by his cruel budget plan and outraged that he defends it on moral grounds. Ryan is Catholic, and he knows that justice for the poor and economic fairness are core elements of our church’s social teaching. It’s shameful that he disregarded these principles in his budget."
Ruh ro. Sounds like someone has been spending more time jerking off to Atlas Shrugged than in the confessional. It's gonna take a crap load of "Our Fathers" to be forgiven for this one Paul.