Monday, March 19, 2012

The Red Menace! 2.0

Everything old is new again...

Oh, our Wisconsin shame never dies. The state that founded modern progressivism, the end to child labor, the eight hour work day and Earth Day will never really outlive McCarthyism and the hell Wisconsin Senator, Joe McCarthy unleashed upon the country.

But look! The "red menace" is back with a rebooted blacklist fit for the digital age. It's called the recall petition database - courtesy of Verify the Recall.

Did your dentist sign? Check the list. How about your neighbor, your kids teacher...what about the butcher? It's all right there in a searchable format...just a few clicks and you can even see a copy of the petition itself.

Naturally, the media has picked up on the convenience and has directed interns to begin checking the database for judges across the state - and then printing their names in the press.

Just like the blacklists of old - nothing these judges have done is illegal - it's just the appearance of something a bit more sinister isn't it? They call into question the "propriety" of the judges decision regardless of the fact they were exercising their Constitutional rights.

Someone sew a giant "R" on their courtroom robes.

It won't end with the fact we predict a mobile phone app - so you can check the list before you buy, hire or talk to anyone at the next PTA meeting.