Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Robin Vos Is Basically A Dick

Little Lord Pop-the-Corn has spoken. It's bit ironic that a guy who took out a loan for his business from his mom and dad and made his bones in Madison as a public employee - first with an appointment by Tommy Thompson and then as an aide for Jim Ladwig - takes a crap on working people.

It's also ironic that a guy who is working his way through his second marriage and has no children suggests people who dislike him must not have families to attend to.

Yes, it's easy to dismiss the tens of thousands of people who have stood up to oppose Vos and his friends as just a bunch slackers who don't know how to row a boat so they rock it instead.

It's an interesting choice of metaphor really - Vos clearly can't fathom the energy on the other side. Surely if all of us had families and jobs we wouldn't even pay attention to his misdeeds - wrong again.

What we really want to know Robin is: Can You Swim?