Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Shocked & Awful

Kathleen Falk at Madison Rally Tuesday Photo: Blue Cheddar
This legislative session can't come to an end quick enough, man. Last night's Assembly session turned back the clock in Wisconsin 50 years on women's rights.

It was ugly and it's not over...

AB 371: Voluntary and informed consent of women seeking to terminate a pregnancy.

This bill requires that a woman seeking an abortion must provide written voluntary consent - which is the current law - but must also consult with a physician who will determine for himself/herself that the woman is voluntarily consenting (because apparently she cannot consent alone on what happens to her body).

This bill requires that if a woman is to receive an abortion inducing drug, she must submit to a physical exam (which she will have to pay for) and when administering the drug, the physician must remain in the room with her while she ingests the drug.

Physicians who fail to adhere to the law face Class I felony charges.

AB 371 requires if a woman received a drug inducing abortion, she must return for another examination (which she will have to pay for) within 12 to 18 days.

AB 337: Shuffles the language in sex ed. school guidelines allowing schools who do teach sex ed. to teach an abstinence only curriculum if they chose. It allows them to cut out any information contraception and STD prevention and mandates "abstinence" education as part of any program that does exist.

Well, that will fix the teen pregnancy problem, because what young men and women need is LESS information on reproduction and sexually transmitted diseases.

Both these bills are fast-tracked to go to the Senate for a rubber stamp.

AB 154: Introduced, of course by Robin Vos and already pre-approved by the Senate - is the prohibition of private insurance companies to offer abortion coverage to women if that insurance plan is part of a state insurance exchange a woman purchases with her own money. Yes, under this brilliant idea, a woman would have to purchase separate abortion coverage - just to please Robin Vos.
Around 600 hundred women marched in Madison to protest yesterday... and naturally to this State Assembly, it didn't make a bit of difference.

H/T to Blue Cheddar for doing the heavy lifting on links and pictures.