Thursday, March 1, 2012

Wanggaard Needs One Good Democrat

It's crunch time for Van Wanggaard and his bill to repeal the Milwaukee residency rule for police and firefighters...they invested quite a few dollars in his campaign and it's time to make good.

The Milwaukee Police and Firefighter's have given Van $5,200 - $4,000 since January in return for a bill that will end the residency rule favored by area legislators, including Tom Barrett.

Interestingly, Van's bill does not effect residency rules for other municipalities and it does not end the rule for other Milwaukee public employees.

Why? Because they didn't give him any fucking money, that's why.

So while Van has taken a strong stance against prohibitive and un-American residency requirements, he's only willing to fight for a select few...who happened to have written him a check. What an asshole.

Back to the bill...Van doesn't have the votes in committee to pass the bill, so he plans to take it directly to the State Senate, but single-mom hater, Glenn Grothman will not vote in favor of it. That leaves Wanny needing one Democrat who is willing to vote in favor of a bill that preferentially treats one labor group over another with yet another special rule based on campaign dollars. Good luck with that.

The Siren is somewhat ambivalent on residency requirements and leans toward residency incentives instead. Anyhoo, with all those tools Scott Walker has given Wisconsin municipalities we're quite sure any firefighters or police officers who really want to live outside the city will have no problem finding jobs in the 'burbs.

More than a few people in Milwaukee would be happy to have those jobs and live inside the city limits.