Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Wisconsin Plan And Slime-Ball Vos

Thirty-some years ago a plan was hatched by wealthy Republicans who foresaw fundamental changes in disposition of voters and social culture.

After a stinging rejection of John Bircher type candidates they found themselves in a political Siberia of the late 1960's. Outdated, antiquated and irrelevant.

Conservatives regrouped and began funneling money into think-tank front groups for conservative (corporate friendly) theory. They began a plan to elect candidates, first at the local and then county and state level - changing the power structure from within.

ALEC got it's start - a private fraternity of corporations and state politicians to write legislation far away from the public eye.

Wisconsin was always a major part of the plan - the Bradley Foundation (the unpopular sister of ALEC and the star power of David and Charles Koch) funneled money to various efforts designed to enhance the wealth and interests of a very few in the state and beyond. The CATO Institute run by the Kochs, the Heritage Foundation started by Joseph Coors, the Brookings Institute started in large part with money from Sam Walton of Wal-Mart and many more.

It was an audacious and patient plan to take over what they could not persuade in American politics and more importantly in American policy.

These men (and really with few exceptions they were men) waited for years- weaving this new breed of conservative power ever so slowly through the fabric of the political landscape - all across the country. They poured millions of dollars into their efforts to win back what was lost so many years ago.

With the rise of the teabillies cued (with a healthy crop by Americans for Prosperity) to give a fake populist voice to their years of effort they had finally set the stage for the crowning moment - the 2010 election sweep of Republican governors and class president, Scott Walker.

Scott Walker? Seriously, all those years and millions of dollars and the clown car pulls up and lets out Scott Walker?

Never fear, he's dumb and incompetent with a soft spot for pilfering miscreant staffers...but they had their ace in the hole in Madison - Robin Vos. Now here's the real deal.

Working his way up slowly through the system, Vos earned his spot on Joint Finance to be one of the most powerful Republicans in the state. As state chairman of ALEC in Wisconsin, Vos could be counted on to call the plays and push the right legislation through for the dummy to sign.

And Vos did. If Vos was a gang member he'd have a dozen tear drops tattooed under his eye.

Vos is smug with a slight air of femininity - a rare attribute. He rammed though every bill the Big Boys wanted with stunning (and quite possibly illegal) efficiency. Collective bargaining, Voter ID, GOP advantaged, Redistricting, Guns and more guns, Tort Reform - the whole top 40.

When people ask why Scott Walker (who they really mean is Robin Vos) didn't negotiate, didn't listen and didn't slow down - it's because he doesn't work for you.

The Siren asked a Madison insider last year with the massive protests and inevitable recall elections if Republicans in the state would slow down and be more careful? The opposite, we were told, "they will work that much faster to push even more through while they can."

And they did.

But like so many Republicans we see today, they overreached - they treated the state house like a private boardroom and they forgot they served the people. They acted like the spoiled off-spring of greater and more accomplished men - and they are.

But Vos was smarter. He's not getting recalled. He let his doofuss buddy, Van Wanggaard take the fall. If Walker loses his recall election, a year from now Vos will say "Scott who?" Vos will remain - in power or not, he's had it both ways.

Vos is the cockroach king...with a slight air of femininity.