Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Bad News For Republicans In Racine

Scott Walker appointee and former Racine County GOP officer, Mike Nieskes lost big to Mike Piotek in the race for Circuit Court Judge. Piontek beat Nieskes with 56% of the vote.

Not good news for Van Wanggaard who stood by Nieskes side as the results rolled in. On Republican prom night with a Presidential primary in Wisconsin that finally meant something - the turnout should have provided an easy win for the guy Scott Walker appointed to the bench.

Nieskes was never even in the lead.

Worse, for Racine Republicans - their candidates for School Board went down in flames. The closet results between public school hater, Brian Dey and Gretchen Warner was a distance of more than 2000 votes.

Proving once again, Racine doesn't want teabillies running their school district.

The nailbiter is the race between Burlington lawyer, Tim Boyle and former judge, Mark Nielsen. With 61 votes between them, a recount seems inevitable. The race was closer than the Siren imagined - perhaps Boyle's persistent refrain that he didn't agree with Scott Walker's policies paid off for him with extra votes around the city.

It was not a good day for Eric Marcus who got beat by newcomer, Krystyna Serrazin and was charged battery and disorderly conduct all before the clock struck midnight. Tiny, tiny violins are playing somewhere we are sure...just not here.