Friday, April 6, 2012

Big Cuts Anticipated In Kenosha Schools

Kenosha Unified School District faces a $28 million dollars budget deficit next year - in spite of the lies Scott Walker tells about added benefit payments - it ain't nearly enough to cover the $1.3 billion he cut.

Administrators at KUSD were informed yesterday that big staff cuts would be coming by May 1st. In February, the district approved a preliminary budget plan in which $15 million of the $28 million deficit will come from reducing staff and attrition. Kenosha still has to find $5 million more in order to cover the loss. Approximately 318 full-time positions were slated to be cut with a possible addition of 44 to 55 more jobs to make up the difference.

The final cuts are expected to be announced sometime next's going to be ugly.