Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Calling Out ALEC Tool Van Wanggaard

Van Wanggaard doesn't know much about ALEC - but that doesn't stop him from voting for and sponsoring their bills. He's the perfect ALEC tool:

Dumb and compliant.

As a new Republican State Senator, Van joined the nefarious organization because all the big kids did...he even charged Wisconsin taxpayers the $100 membership fee.

Van was installed on ALEC's Telecommunications and Information Technology Task Force and quickly co-sponsored one of the biggest telecommunications regulation repeals (Act 22) in Wisconsin history - a bill fashioned on the ALEC's "Regulatory Modernization Act".

The Wanggaard campaign has been the recipient of generous telecommunications PAC money from AT&T, US Cellular, Fonepac and TDS Telecom.

Bill passed. Good boy, you get a treat.

Van then went on to co-sponsor Wisconsin Assembly Bill 7 - also known as the Voter ID bill - one of the crown jewels in the ALEC universe.

Van's Voter ID bill turned out to be one of the most restrictive voter bills in the country. It's implementation has not only cost the state millions to organize, but is now embroiled in four lawsuits - two state cases and two federal cases - which will cost millions more to litigate and created chaos for city clerks and DMV officials.

Then there was Van's "Castle Doctrine" or "Shoot at Will" bill passed in November. Outside the dismantling collective bargaining and school vouchers (which Van voted in favor), no model legislation bills are more important to ALEC than deregulating telecommunications, voter suppression and guns, guns, guns.

Guess who's got their fingerprints all over those gems? Van Wanggaard - and he's got the campaign contributions from the NRA to prove his fealty.

Now that Pepsi, Coke, Intuit and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have publicly declined to continue their relationship with ALEC - it is time for Van Wanggaard to relinquish and cancel his ALEC membership and refund Wisconsin taxpayers for his mistake.

Van Wanggaard does not work for the people of Racine County, he works for AT&T, the NRA, WalMart billionaires, Wisconsin Energy, Petroleum manufacturers and GlaxoSmithKline...none of whom happen to live in Racine.