Friday, April 20, 2012

"Fake" Candidate Seems To Be Campaigning

The State Republican Party says they aren't expending any resources on their "fake" Democratic candidates. The County GOP can't figure out why their "fake" candidate needs to host a fundraiser...but in watching John Lehman's primary opponent, Tamra Varebrook's behavior over the last week, she seems to be campaigning for the job.

Has Varebrook gone rogue?

That's an interesting twist for a person who was placed solely on the ballot to ensure a June general election for Van Wanggaard.

Varebrook has removed her public campaign Facebook page which announced her rogue fundraiser to begin with - but her Senate Twitter account remains active and she's wasting no time trashing Lehman on know the kind of thing you do when you're campaigning for office:

Varebrook has a PayPal account attached to her Senate website to make easy donations...but for whom?

It appears Van Wanggaard has compelled a recall volunteer to falsely pose as a Democrat candidate against his real opponent, John Lehman. Wanggaard's hand-picked stooge then stages a trash-talking campaign he wouldn't dare wage himself against his opponent while soliciting campaign contributions posing as a Democrat.

Van collects campaign contributions as both a Republican and as a Democrat. Wow.

We've seen some amazing acts of unethical behavior from Republicans in this state over the last year - but this takes the cake.