Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fake Candidates, Real Cash

Partners in crime: Van Wanggaard & Tamra Varebrook
The GAB ruled yesterday that "fake" candidates were permissible on Wisconsin ballots - a conclusion everyone knew they would make - but brought a good deal of negative attention to their duplicitous behavior.

So Racine has itself a "fake" Democrat, Tamra Varebrook - a Wanggaard volunteer - who the media keeps reporting is from Union Grove, but actually lives over on Orchard Street a mere 7 blocks from real Democrat, John Lehman.

(Varebrook works at her local polling place at Humble Park Community Center in Racine not Union Grove. White Pages anyone?)

Anyway...according to State GOP spokesperson, Ben Sparks, the party will not assist the fake candidates and they will not be actively campaigning...but according to Varebrook's campaign Facebook page - the "fake" candidates will be raising real cash.

This to date may be the most compelling proof they are in fact really Republicans.

Varebrook is hosting a real fundraiser tomorrow night at the Fountain Hall in Sturtevant. Local teabilly fixtures Lora Halberstadt and RWNJ Raydene Edenhofer have already confirmed their attendance.

Platinum level hosting costs $150, gold - $100 and silver - $50, but Tamra wants everyone to no there is no minimum to attend y'all.

Republicans have been posting congratulations to Varebrook on her fake run for Senate - oblivious to the damage they do to themselves among independents and swing voters who are beginning to conclude they are full of crap and willing to do anything to stay in office.