Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Faker Fails To File - Corresponded With Wanggaard

Andrew Mielke
There is something wrong with Andrew Mielke's story and it's not getting clearer what this guy was up to in his fake - non-fake - and ultimately failed bid to run against John Lehman in the Senate recall election.

Mielke announced he was running as a Democrat, but insisted he was not a fake but an independent type Democrat who didn't care for Lehman.

Wanggaard's campaign has repeatedly said they are not conspiring with anyone to pose as a fake primary opponent -  a strategy to avoid facing Lehman on May 8th in a general election.

Wanggaard must figure he'd lose in May when Democrats come out to vote for the governor primary - or at least be at a disadvantage. Having a primary forces everyone to run on the same day. Naturally they could run other Republicans - which is what the fakes are - but that would be too honest. So instead they lie and say they aren't coordinating with the effort to trick voters and cheat the process.

So back to Mielke...the "independent" candidate who looked less like a fake when Tamra Varebrook comes on the scene as the "official" fake candidate. Maybe all the suspicion about Mielke was wrong, maybe he really is running.

The proof will come when he turns in his nomination signatures...which of course Mielke then fails to do yesterday. Game over...or is it?

The Caledonia Patch today says they have correspondence between Mielke, his campaign treasurer, Jamie McClusky and with Wanggaard's office stating their support.

So Van Wanggaard claims he has no connection to Andrew Mielke even though Mielke had corresponded with him in the past? Wanggaard has no connection to Tamra Varebrook even though she was a recall volunteer and appeared in the press on his behalf?

At what point do people insist that Wanggaard be honest about what he is attempting to do with this election? Fraud, lies and evasion may be the foundation Wanggaard and his friends have built their adminstration upon - the Siren hopes the people of Racine hold him accountable for it on June 5th.