Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hidden Away In Today's JT

Two stories today that were buried deep on page three of the local section that deserve greater attention than they got:

1. Kenosha schools might lose more than 250 teachers. The Siren mentioned that Kenosha was going to face some big cuts last week - the JT merely confirmed what we already knew. However it should be compared to yesterday's excellent post by Jud Lounsbury at Uppity Wisconsin that unearthed an old campaign era interview in which candidate, Scott Walker bashes Jim Doyle for cutting education funding and promises to "keep intact" the state's commitment to education funding.

A commitment Walker then characterized with the biggest public education cut in the nation and in Wisconsin history as a newly elected Governor. Read it and weep.

2. Number of state teens giving birth declines. Just days after Scott Walker secretly signs an "Abstinence Only" law that returns sex education in Wisconsin classrooms to the 1950's a report comes out that teen pregnancy in Wisconsin has dropped 16%.

Credit is given to comprehensive sex ed and access to birth control.

The states that perform the worst in lowering teen pregnancy are states with abstinence only programs in schools -which Wisconsin is now one.

Moving forward y'all.