Friday, April 6, 2012

Kathy Nickolaus Steps Aside But Not Down

Republican imbecile, Kathy Nickolaus has stepped aside in election duties as Waukesha County Clerk and vowed not to eff up the recall elections.

A good start, but not good enough. She'll be back for the Presidential election - what could possibly go wrong?

Nickolaus was made an offer she couldn't refuse - either step aside or resign yesterday - after Tuesday's election results were a complete clusterfuck in Waukesha...again.

Reporters had to tally up their own results from machine totals taped to the walls in Nickolaus' board room.

Nickolaus position as County Clerk is up for re-election in November and already faces both a Democrat and Republican challenger...let's hope she has the good sense to not file for the office again.