Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Oh Wait! You Mean THAT Invite?

So those liars didn't lie after all and now we know what Van does with certified letters sent to him from statewide organizations...

So, Van's butt-boy Scoot Kelly calls Dr. Robert Kraig of Wisconsin Citizen Action, the ministers and clergy from Racine Interfaith Coalition and the NAACP a bunch of liars in saying they invited Van to the really big recall forum in Racine on Monday.
“I heard that they said Van was invited — that is a lie,” Kelly wrote in a text message. “You can quote me on that. We were not invited.”
Oh shizz Scoot, they sent the invite by certified mail and took a picture of the receipt. Don't ya know that picture made the rounds super quick yesterday afternoon and pretty soon Van remembers something about a certified letter that he carefully filed away in his car.

Doh! In his car! The Siren knows one chief of staff who is mighty pissed at his boss for making him look like an asshole in the press - that's what they get paid for, but not enough to find out the chief tossed the letter in the backseat with the candy wrappers.

Passive/aggressive fake Democratic candidate and Wanggaard volunteer, Tamra Varebrrok quick sent out an email saying she was not invited to the event either. A fact not in dispute. Dr. Kraig responded "silly biatch you're not really trying to win the election"...only he said it in a smarter and classier way.

When they tried to reach Varebrook for a comment - she wouldn't answer her phone. Doh!

If these people didn't have the fate of so many Wisconsin citizens within their hands through the state legislature - they would almost be funny. However, given the extraordinary ability a buffoon like Van Wanggaard has to make or break the future of Wisconsin and her citizens - we can only hope they hold him accountable for his gross incompetence on June 5th.