Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Paul Ryan's House Of Mirth

Esquire magazine published an interesting article last week on Rob Zerban, the Kenosha fella looking to unseat Paul Ryan this November. Zerban has garnered his share of attention and is reaping contribution rewards...

However, one aspect of the Esquire article got the Siren's attention as it is a story we have not heard before:

Janesville - where Paul Ryan lives - was the home to American manufacturer, Parker Pen Company for decades. In it's day, Parker was the largest manufacturer of pens in the world. The Parker Pen founder's son and namesake - George Parker II, lived in Janesville in what is known as the "Parker Mansion" until his death in 2004.

Four years later, Parker closed it's plant in Janesville after 120 years of production in Wisconsin and was moved to Mexico.

Wanna guess who bought and now lives in George Parker's Janesville mansion?

Congressman Paul Ryan, that's who. How's that for some stunning irony?

The author of the GOP's budget which explodes the deficit and military spending while slashing services for the poor, the elderly and what's left of the middle class and makes not even the faintest attempt to hold U.S. corporations accountable for shipping jobs overseas and hiding taxes - lays his head at night in the home of a famous and now defunct U.S. manufacturer's Janesville mansion.

Would it not be fitting that George Parker's ghost should start paying Ryan some late-night visitations?