Friday, April 20, 2012

Pope Paul Doesn't Believe The Bishops Either

Pope Paul Ryan
Geezy creezy, what is with this guy? A few days ago, Paul Ryan had to apologize to Pentagon General's when he basically said they were lying about their support for President Obama's military budget cuts and yesterday he goes on TV to say not ALL U.S. Catholic Bishops think his budget is immoral.

Of course, Ryan is wrong.

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops does speak for ALL U.S. Bishops. In fact, they vote as a group to elect the Bishops who make policy and statements on their behalf.

Ryan himself opened his budget up to such a backlash by claiming his plan was not only good economics but righteously moral to boot and didn't much care for the criticism.

Ryan is one of those guys who thinks he is an authority just because he got close once. He's the country's leading voice on economics because he got a minor in economics from a second rate university, he can dispute the needs of Pentagon Generals because he travel once to Afghanistan and now he alone decides what is moral based on Catholic teachings because he goes to church.

What a complete jackass.