Monday, April 16, 2012

Racine-O 911: Police Endorse Lehman Over Wanny

Oh shizz, this is some bad freakin' news...It seems the Racine Police Association has endorsed John Lehman over former police officer, current Police and Fire Commission member and recalled Senator Van Wanggaard in the June 5th election.

Rumor is that they not only endorsed Lehman - but did so by a margin of 99% in favor of Lehman. Ouch!

The Siren guesses Van's past as a police union rep turned union buster is only the tip of the resentment canoe.

Readers will recall in February the Police and Fire Commission voted to reopen the Police Chief search after the remaining white guy removed himself from the competition. Racial motivations were widely suspected when the commission refused to reveal who made the motion to re-open the search - at several listening sessions (one which took place at the police center auditorium) Wanggaard refused to discuss the matter publicly.

The JT sued for the records and a month later the commission minutes showed it was Wanggaard who made the motion. Apparently the Racine Police Association didn't think too highly of Wanggaard's behavior towards their brother, Art Howell (the new Racine Police Chief) and sent him a little love letter.

Mr. Castle Doctrine is going to have a hard time playing off this harsh rebuke over the next few weeks. Congratulations to Lehman for the nice pick-up.