Sunday, April 1, 2012

Romney Names Racine County Campaign Chair From The Phonebook

Andrew Schonert didn't win mega-millions this weekend, but he feels just like a winner. Contacted by the Journal Times who inadvertently notified him he was just named as the Racine County Chairman of the Mitt Romney Presidential Campaign Committee.

This was big news to Schonert - who had signed up online to receive email alerts from Romney's campaign. Well consider yourself alerted.
"I am just a guy who signed up for email alerts,” said Schonert, who lives on Racine’s south side with his wife and two children. “I got a call from somebody a little while ago in Massachusetts asking if you want to be involved in the campaign, but I had no idea I was the county campaign chair until I got an email from (a reporter).”
Schonert has no political campaign experience or history of campaign contributions - but what the hell - maybe he'll do a great job.

We commend the Romney campaign for giving completely unknown and inexperienced people a chance to participate in leadership roles. They could have chosen a Racine big hitter like Fred Young or say someone who is a member of the Republican Party and knows where the office is. Clearly Romney is thinking outside the box.

Next time however, you may want to tell them first.