Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Romney & Ryan: Breakin' the Law, Breakin' the Law

Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney breaking WI law.
See those two handsome gentlemen on the left there? Those aren't the newest wave of displaced executives now having to make ends meet at a minimum wage job. Those are the two hottest commodities the Republican Party has to offer in the United States and if you look really close you will discover what they are doing is illegal.

Yep, going to prison kind of illegal. They are offering bribes on election day and they are smiling about it because the guy on the left is a millionaire and the guy on the right is a billionaire and the law means nothing to them.

Even though they are smart enough to know - or pay a staff person who is smart enough to know - giving away anything of value to voters on election day by a candidate constitutes a bribe.

Now if you are a billionaire, a $5 sandwich is nothing to you - you've got a freakin' car elevator in your house just so your driveway doesn't get crowded with all your cars.
"The trading off of anything, something of worth, in exchange for someone's vote -- not only is it ethically questionable, we believe it's a violation of the law."
Wise words, spoken by Scott Walker in 2000 when a Gore volunteer gave some homeless people a cigarette. Hmmm.

A complaint has been filed with the Government Accountability Board and the two rich guys just laughed.