Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Ryan Says The Generals Are Liars

When President Obama's military budget called for less spending than Paul Ryan's budget (revealed and reviled last week) the Congressman found himself in an odd position of having to defend spending more on defense while slashing every social program known to man...think quick Paul - whatcha gonna say?

Ryan claimed the General's who endorsed Obama's military cuts were lying about their agreement and his budget knows better. Clunk.

Okay, so it's pretty much considered bad form to challenge the integrity of the Pentagon generals, in fact, it's kind of un-American. It was a rare slip by the boy-wonder who may have been told a few too many times how wonderful he his by his adoring posse. Ryan was forced to apologize.

Like every weasel who says something shocking and inappropriate, Ryan claimed he "misspoke"...which is lie. Ryan didn't misspeak about the generals - he got caught saying something he shouldn't.