Sunday, April 15, 2012

There Was a Crooked Man Who Had A Crooked Staff...

Defenders of Scott Walker grasp desperately to the idea that while unethical and illegal activities may have taken place in the office of the County Executive - being and important and busy guy - we can't expect Scott Walker to have known about or directed these activities. The John Doe investigation may not have a thing to do with Walker himself.

It's a nice fantasy.

Walker has avoided at all costs saying who hired Tim Russell and Kelly Rindfleisch, two of several Walker associates charged with far.

Admitting outright: "Yes, I am responsible for the hiring of a man who set up secret internet routers in my office to avoid public knowledge of our campaign activities while we worked for the state, embezzled tens of thousands of dollars from injured and dead veterans and their families so he could pay for my website domains and take cruse ship vacations and spent his off hours trolling young boys for sex" is hard statement to spin when you're running for your life.

Walker instead has chosen to just not say who hired them at all - a strategy that has kinda worked until now. Damn public records...they really couldn't have destroyed enough of them to cover their tracks.

The Democratic Party of Wisconsin has gotten a hold of the employee transaction paperwork through an open records request which show that Scott Walker not only hired Russell and Rindfleisch, he also signed and approved their promotions within county offices.

For her part, Rindfleisch has been charged with four felonies stemming from her amazing ability to multitask her Milwaukee County position (which paid her a tidy $29.00 an hour) with raising big bucks for Scott Walker's preferred Lt. Governor candidate, Brett Davis. Her efforts in sending thousands of fundraising emails was concealed by Russell's secret internet router - all sitting less than 20 feet from Scott Walker's office.

Scott Walker has refused to say who hired Rindfleisch - letting the public assume Chief of Staff Tom Nardelli did the hiring. Sadly for Walker, Nardelli has decided he ain't going down with the ship and has distanced himself by declaring he did not hire Rindfleisch.

The DPW records now show it was Walker who hired her.

As the mask falls away, the Siren wonders how much ugliness Walker supporters can bear before June 5th?