Monday, April 30, 2012

VAWA Just Wasn't Good Enough For ROJO

Before we get to Ron Johnson's vote against re-authorizing the Violence Against Women Act last week, we just wanted to remind our dear readers of Johnson's courageous fight against protecting victims of abuse.

Pictured on the left is our friend, Ron testifying before the Wisconsin State Senate in early 2010. Ronny appeared to give testimony against extending the statute of limitations for sexual abusers of children.

See Ron was working on behalf of the Green Bay Diocese Financial Council - who found themselves in a shitload of hot water over years of sexual abuse by pedophile priests who's crimes had been covered up by church officials.

Extending the statute of limitations would have made it possible for those victims to sue the church too...potentially bankrupting the whole lot of them.

So, after remembering that not so ancient episode in the career of Johnson, is it any real surprise he voted against reauthorizing VAWA?

A guy who takes time out of his day counting his millions to drive to Madison on behalf of priests who molested children isn't going to spend a second being concerned about domestic abuse victims - especially if they tacked on measures to protect gay, lesbian and trans-gender victims too.

Johnson covered his stink by saying Democrats rejected Republican efforts to strengthen penalties. Uh huh, strengthen them after they kicked off the gays from the bill.

Thankfully, 15 Republicans who didn't want to face constituents with a no vote crossed the aisle and passed the bill.