Thursday, April 26, 2012

Vos & Wanggaard Go On Vacation While WI Burns

Did ya know the Wisconsin Legislature was in limited session? Don't blink - too late - it's over. They went home.

On the day it was announced in the Journal Sentinel that Wisconsin rated 50 out of 50 states for job growth in the last year, the legislature who was supposed to get some work done until May 3rd decided to call it a day.

Yep, even though they get paid - Robin Vos and Van Wanggaard don't think there is really anything to get done in Madison.

(Now we know Wanny does need to spend some time cleaning out his car - but c'mon!)

New senate co-leader, Mark Miller sent out a fiery press release calling out Republicans for failing to work on agenda items like the court-ordered redistricting, state appointments made by the Governor and veto reform.
“Given the dismal jobs numbers we have seen come out this month, you would think the Republicans would want to call the legislature back into an extraordinary session to tackle job creation, but it seems they can’t be bothered to do any part of their job right now,” stated Miller.