Friday, April 13, 2012

Vos's Dirty Secret Safe With Local Press

What global companies are more famous than Coke, Pepsi or McDonalds? What rich guy is more rich than Bill Gates?

These are supernovas of fame and fortune, are they not?

In the last week, these companies along with Wendy's, Mars and Intuit have publicly ended their membership and relationship with the American Legislative Exchange Council known as ALEC.

Locally elected Wisconsin State Representative, Robin Vos is the Public Sector State Chairman of ALEC. The Center for Media and Democracy has filed an ethics complaint against Vos (and area State Senator, Van Wanggaard) for breaking state laws and filed an additional complaint just this week.

Letters to the Editor have appeared in the local paper about ALEC as recently as today and yet the JT has remained mum on the subject.

What gives?

Why is the JT giving Vos and Wanggaard a pass on their taxpayer funded ALEC membership? Why hasn't anyone asked Vos about allegations that as ALEC's State Chair he is funneling corporate cash, travel expenses and gifts to publicly elected officials under the guise of "scholarships".

Why hasn't local press asked Vos about accepting lodging, tickets to a baseball game with private deck party - paid for by Time-Warner and circulating the invite to other public servants? A clear violation of Wisconsin law.

It seems to the Siren that when McDonald's, Coke and Bill Gates won't have anything to do with your organization - and you are the face of that organization in Wisconsin - someone might want to ask about it.