Thursday, April 5, 2012

Voter Fraud Wanggaard Style

Van Wanggaard and Tamra Verabrook
Republicans worry about voter fraud. They worry about it so much they passed a Voter ID law that is going to cost Wisconsin taxpayers millions of dollars to implement and hundreds of thousands of dollars in attorney fees associated with four pending lawsuits that challenges the law's constitutionality.

The law was written so poorly and designed so shabbily, it has left city clerks and DMV officials across the state with permanent facial ticks.

All to ferret out and protect the people from less than two dozen voter fraud cases ever filed.

Of course these cases were more like voter mistakes as opposed to an organized effort to fool voters. That activity we leave to state Republicans who claim it is perfectly legal to run "fake Democrats" in primary races against Republicans who have been recalled in order to secure a later general election date. (Something that is lost on voters who don't realize their ballot actually lists "fake" Democrats alongside real Democratic candidates.)

Republicans announced last week they were planning to run "fake Democrats" again in all the spring recall elections and sure enough by the end of the week they filed their Declaration of Candidacy reports with the GAB. The GOP admits their candidates are not really Democrats even though they each have certified that they are...and notarized it to boot.

The "fake Democrat" running to protect recalled Senator, Van Wanggaard is campaign volunteer Tamra Varebrook.

We know Tamra is a volunteer for Van because she was photographed and quoted in the Journal Times at Van's "Victory Center" office checking recall petitions for rampant and ultimately non-existent fraud. Varebrook even has a Van Wanggaard campaign sign in her yard in Union Grove.

So aside from the fact that a known volunteer and Wanggaard supporter has filed and completed a Declaration of Candidacy form which states Varebrook is running and representing herself as a Democrat - Wanggaard's campaign manager said the Senator was not affiliated with any effort to solicit anyone to run in the primary.

Well that's good news for Van but perhaps not so much for Ms. Tamra.

The progressive group, One Wisconsin Now filed a complaint yesterday with the GAB stating the "protest" candidates from last summer broke Wisconsin law, specifically:
"Statutes 12.13 (3) (a) states that no person may "falsify any information in respect to ... [a] declaration of candidacy", and 12.13 (3)(am) states that no person may "... file a false declaration of candidacy or amended declaration of candidacy." A violation of 12.13(3)(a) is a Class I Felony punishable by fines of up to $10,000 and 3 ½ years in prison and a violation of 12.13(3)(am) is punishable by a forfeiture of up to $500."
One Wisconsin Now has also asked the GAB to expand the investigation into the latest round of fakers. This is especially significant because one part of the complaint relates to postage and mailing of nomination papers sent to Republicans to sign and return to assure the fake candidates get on the ballot.

The letters and postage turned out to have been paid for by the Republican party.

Coincidentally, the Mount Pleasant Patch reported the other day that similar sounding packets were mailed out on behalf of makes one wonder who paid doesn't it? The Siren imagines a records request should be easy enough to file...or maybe an industrious reporter may follow-up.

On the hook for falsifying a declaration of candidacy is not just Tamra Varebrook, but her campaign treasurer, Christine Hauck who signed and certified to the truth of the declaration. Both would face significant fines - even jail time - if the GAB decides the extensive and detailed complaint has merit.

Hell, the lawyer alone would cost dearly - maybe they could call Mike Nieskes - he's suddenly free.

That's an awful lot of loyalty to a guy who is already saying he knows nothing. Wonder if Van would visit Tamra and Christine in jail?