Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Cathy Stepp Adds Her Own No. 2 Cents To Poopgate

Cathy Stepp (circa 1998) lays a dookie for her neighbors to drink.
Ya gotta love Cathy Stepp. The woman who as State Senator never cracked a score of over 25% from conservation groups must laugh her ass off every day when she drives to her appointed job as DNR Secretary.

The irony is even more putrid than the human waste coated farmland in Jefferson County.

Stepp has responded to requests from area homeowners who want the DNR to test their well water with a resounding reply of "eat shit."

Well, we suppose she technically means "drink shit" but either way, the DNR isn't going spring for the tests - after they looked the other way while Herr Environmental dumped illegal amounts of human waste on fields in the vicinity of drinking water wells.

When Herr got caught dumping shit and cooking their books to make it look like they didn't - DNR inspectors recommended prosecuting the offender. Then Joel "the Planet" Kleefisch and former legislator and Herr campaign contribution recipient, Scott Gunderson got involved to give Herr a slap on the wrist.

Outrage ensued. Stepp got pissy and issued one of her "dear diary, why do haters hate?" press releases.

So now the homeowners, disgusted that they have been drinking poop water since 2009 want to know if their water is okay. That would be some form Nanny-State-Government-Job-Killing-Regulation that aims to destroy the business friendly climate Stepp was hired to protect.

(You didn't think it was the fucking cranes did you?)

The Siren suggests our friends in Jefferson County drive over to Ms. Stepp's office with some nice big containers of their well water and ask Ms. Stepp to drink a big glass full...better yet ask her kids to do the same.