Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Cathy Stepp: What? Now You're Too Good For Poop Water?

Hippies. Always complaining. Take away voting rights and they whine for days, end equal pay and they go crazy. Blow off some company spreading illegal amounts of human shit right next to 40 wells that provide drinking water for people and they make a federal case out of it.

Oh wait. It kinda is.

Leave it to the administration of peroxide addled Cathy Stepp to define for the public exactly what is wrong with political appointees - particularly in jobs where public heath is at risk.

It seems that former state representative, Scott Gunderson who was appointed to the Wisconsin DNR as executive assistant to the DNR secretary, Cathy Stepp gave preferential treatment by ignoring recommendations for harsh fines to Herr Environmental whose owner, Richard Herr also happened to have given Gunderson campaign contributions as a candidate.

When they were cited for violations that included some very sloppy record-keeping about exceeding limits for spreading human waste from septic tanks in the vicinity of homes and a couple dozen drinking water wells. DNR waste-water specialists believed the amount may have exceeded the legal limit by three times - but given the records irregularities - who knows?

Poisoning the wells with a dangerous amount of nitrates were just the first concern.

What did Gunderson do about it? He met with owner Richard Herr and his state representative, Joel Kleefisch. Coincidentially, Joel Kleefisch and his wife - Lt. Governor, Rebecca Kleefisch both had received campaign contributions from Herr and his wife. Cozy. While DNR specialists recommended turning the case over to the DOJ, Gunderson and Kleefisch managed to block it and settled on remarkably low fines instead.

It wasn't just the shit that Herr spreads around the countryside that smelled awfully funky to a bunch of people at the DNR.

As the story broke, DNR secretary Cathy Stepp declined to comment. The story grew through the day - with Stepp appearing like the crony queen she is - she issued a passive-aggressive "press release" blaming the media for not speaking to ALL staff members - completely unaware of her naked hypocrisy for declining to comment in the first place.

Her huffy press release reading more like a teenage Facebook rant is best summed up in her conclusion:
"Why wasn’t the story just about the facts and the differing views of the appropriate level of punishment? ...Why did it imply political favoritism when the final decision was not swayed at all by political influence? I will let you, the citizens of this great state, come to your own conclusion."
In other words, in spite of all appearances we should believe her because she says so. Um, Cathy how about the danger to the environment, public health and....oh, forget it. We all know she doesn't give a crap about nature - just her reputation - as she makes perfectly clear in her press release.

Gunderson said in his own defense, he didn't remember that Herr had given him money in the past - 'cause it's not available online or anything like that.

They really aren't just liars, they are stupid as well.