Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Chicken Wanggaard Fudges On Debates

Van doesn't like to talk to the public. We all know it, he knows it...we have even suggested that if possible Van should just never speak.

After his most recent - "people schmeople" - moment when he embarrassingly got caught lying about having not been invited to a town hall debate after it turned out he threw the certified mail invitation in the back of his car, he shut up for a few days.

Well done. But then he spoke...and he's back to shooting himself in his fat foot.

Democratic challenger, John Lehman proposed several debates. At first it looked like Van wasn't going to agree to any debates at all - saying he wasn't going to debate on behalf of crazy left-wing-nuts like the Sierra Club or the American Association of University Women.

The Patch offered a debate on May 24th at the Mt. Pleasant Village Hall from 7 - 8:30 and Van surprisingly agreed. Let's just say even supporters were starting to wonder what his problem was in debating Lehman - so Van didn't have much choice.

Because Van has turned out to be some kind of pathological liar and can't tell the truth about anything - he is claiming to be debating Lehman a total of THREE times. This left the Siren confused - we had not heard about two more debates. Well, Van is counting a 5 minute appearance with Lehman on Mike Gousha and another radio appearance in WRJN.

Lehman called Van on his baloney by saying:
"As far as I'm concerned, the only real debate we're having is the one at Mount Pleasant Village Hall, where we look people in the eye and get public input," he said. "Having six or eight minutes with Mike Gousha and calling it a debate is laughable. We are participating in a planned radio appearance, and maybe residents will call in, but I don't know the details yet."
We have to agree. People like debates - even if they don't go. Even more to the point - people don't like a guy who is unwilling to debate. It looks weak and fishy and even if they never read or hear a word about it all you have to say is Van Wanggaard won't debate his opponent and an undecided voter becomes a decided voter.

Let's review:
Lied about trying to rescue collective bargaining.
Lied about not raising taxes.
Lied about balancing the budget.
Lied about signing secrecy agreement.
Lied about the Police and Fire Commission.
Lied about an invitation to Town Hall.
Lied about how many times he's debating John Lehman.