Thursday, May 31, 2012

Dear Mr. Crazy GOP Guy

Dear Mr. Crazy GOP Guy,

You don't know us and perhaps you mistook us as a friend - people who you could reach out to with your unsigned letters, your press clippings and your illustrations of aborted fetuses as if we might be interested in your feedback.

We're not.

Those of us who signed recall petitions don't need you to send us xeroxed copies of the petitions we signed - we already know we signed and it doesn't bother us that you know about it.

We're proud to have signed.

Those of us who write letters to the editor of local newspapers on behalf of candidates and issues we support don't need you to send us clippings of our letter with your crazy, poorly spelled chicken-scratch rants.

We'd tell you that personally but you never seem to include your name and return address.

If some of us appear in photographs - you don't need to print them and send them to our houses - we get the sad intimidation you are trying impress upon us. But you see, we aren't ashamed that our opinions differ from yours. Your nutty insults only make you seem crazy and lonely with far too much time on your hands that would be better spent on a therapist couch or in church.

Stop calling our houses and shoving video cameras in our faces. Stop keying our cars and breaking our windows because it has an Obama, Feingold or recall Walker bumper-sticker.

Didn't your parents teach you any better?

We don't owe you an explanation because we disagree with you. This is a free country. Our right to speak our mind doesn't entitle you to be a creepy bully scribbling your hyperventilated screeds from your Hoarders episode basement.   

Get a life, plant some flowers and for the love of God - check your spelling. That is all.