Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Emperor's New Magical Job Numbers

Hey look everyone, I don't suck after all!
It's hard to squirm yourself out of the deep, deep shit-hole of being the Governor of a state with the worst job creation record in the United States.

If you are Scott Walker, you can play games with the unemployment rate and tap dance like a motherfucker but the clock is ticking and it's not like you can point to at least ONE other damn state that did worse than Wisconsin. Not one.

So the only other alternative is to change the the formula for figuring the numbers and poof! They don't look so bad after all.


In an excruciating and crushing piece written by Rick Ungar at Forbes which anticipates Walker's mathematical hallucination on re-jiggering of Wisconsin job numbers which uses a formula never used before:
"So, just how is Walker about to turn Wisconsin’s dismal job numbers from lemons to lemonade? The Governor has simply decided to ignore the system used by the Department of Labor —and every other state in the nation —to measure job growth (or loss) and elected instead to go with a different set of numbers that makes things in Wisconsin look better. Who knew it could be so easy to solve a jobs crisis?"
Call it a pre-election mathematical miracle. Walker didn't create any more jobs, he just changed the equation to make the answer bigger.

The question is will anyone actually believe that somehow not one statistician in the United States was able to measure job creation in Wisconsin better than Walker's own staff?