Thursday, May 3, 2012

It's National Day Of Prayer - Let's Pray For Scott Walker

Scott Walker participated in a telephone conference call with his Christian supporters last night. The call was hosted by Ralph Reed's Faith & Freedom Coalition.

(If you don't remember who they are...Reed was implicated in the Jack Abramoff scandal for illegally taking money to lobby against gambling casinos in Alabama. Reed shuttered the Christian Coalition and reinvented it and himself as the Faith & Freedom everyone would forget he's a crook.)

Anyway... back to the conference call:
"One woman from Minnesota asked Walker what she could do to help him.
“Well first off, pray for me — pray for my family, and particularly for the next four weeks,” Walker said. “But beyond that I call it the three ‘M’s: The message, manpower, and money. Any one of those will help out." 
Yes, friends it's the three 'M's...and don't forget the money. Since Walker has raised an unprecedented $13 million dollars in the last three months and can't raise his approval rating above 47% no matter how much money he throws around, it seems he does in fact need some prayer.

Let us pray.
Dear Jesus,
Unlike Scott Walker, the Siren does not seek to use our prayer or the prayers of others for our own gain and success. (We're pretty sure you aren't hip to that.) Instead Jesus, we pray that Scott Walker gains a better understanding of humility and grace by being soundly defeated in the recall election. May he and his friends understand that money does not equal righteousness in your eyes. May he disappear with his millions of dollars and be quickly forgotten.
Oh, and peace on earth. That would be totally great.