Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Kenosha ATF Officer Charged In Recall Harassment

Phil Dziki and a really big gun.

They always have a picture of themselves with a gun on their Facebook page don't they?

This is Phil Dziki. Phil is a "industry operations" investigator with the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. Phil is also a former Wilmot School Board and Salem Town Board.

Phil has been charged with harassment and illegal use of a telephone. Phil not only intimidated recall petition gatherers out at Settler's Park in Paddock Lake in early January, he followed up his in-person harassment with phone calls to the petition gatherer's house two months later.

The Paddock Lake incident was infamous in SE Wisconsin among recall volunteers. One of the stories from volunteers was that a creepy guy was hanging around petitioners open carrying a firearm. Police told the volunteers that open carry was permissible in the park - and they would be smart to not engage the man.


The Siren doesn't know if this is part of the same story - but volunteers were strongly encouraged to never gather signatures alone and call the police immediately when confronted or intimidated.

Phil was discovered by police to be driving a car registered to:
“Elmer D. Fedd, 123 Rabbit Hole Drive in Coon Valley.” 
Apparently wasn't enough of clue to the geniuses at the Kenosha Sheriff's Department at the time - it took Phil to pick up the phone and start mentioning he was going to send the petitioner a "present" before they finally got the hint he might actually be dangerous.

Phil's description of his himself with his gun on Facebook is all your really need to know about what Phil thinks should be done with "socialist pigs."

Phil also lists his interests as "firearm"s and "shooting firearms" and considers himself to be "conservative evangelical Christian".

Phil's favorite quotes naturally come for the bible. Phil enjoys end-times quote: 1 Cor 15:51 which refers to the rapture. Great!

Phil likes the Beatles and Dr. Strangelove, so we have that in common. However, the Siren is not so sure Phil's takeaway from the Kubrick film is the same as ours.