Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Loser Homophobe Egelhoff Coming To Town To GOTV

Once upon a time Jo Egelhoff ran for State Assembly and lost to Penny Schaber. She tried to erase her blog posts that didn't jive with her rap as a candidate - it didn't work and she lost.

Jo went on to focus on her true calling: making sure gay couples in Wisconsin can never be married and suing Jim Doyle for making the Domestic Partnership Registry too much like a real her opinion. She lost that campaign too.

Now Jo Egeloff is bringing her tired, homophobic freak show to SE Wisconsin to drive around students to get out the vote for Scott Walker and presumably Van Wanggaard on June 5th.

Hmmm. Someone's a bit nervous about polling numbers because Republicans don't do GOTV. Jo says she's paying for gas money - from where - no one knows.

Don't worry kittens, it's unlikely you'll run into Jo herself - they won't do GOTV in the city, but we wish they would.