Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Meet Your Future GOP Governor

Erik Turner: Pride of Waukesha
See that protruding forehead, the slightly crossed eyes and spartan teenage hairline? Does he remind you of someone?

Oh yes, this is Erik Turner and he will one day run for Republican Governor of Wisconsin.

Taking his cue from his self-professed "hero" Scott Walker - who was accused of election fraud as a Marquette student - Turner has been accused of trying to sell a username and password to the GOP voter network to Democratic Party of Wisconsin spokesperson, Graeme Zielinski by email.

Turner says he was just having a laugh - 'cause that's their idea of funny up in Waukesha. Turns out the information little Erik possessed was real. Zielinski called the cops and now Erik is in big trouble and because he is a dipshit dullard of the first order - he has no idea why.

Take the Siren's word for it - he's gonna grow up to be a Republican politician yet.