Thursday, May 31, 2012

Millionaire Walker Supporter Puts His Kids On BadgerCare And Forgets To Pay His Taxes

These stories don't even seem unusual anymore...another really rich person who gave Scott Walker gobs of money turns out to be a big fat hypocrite.

Scott Walker supporter, Michael Eisenga who has given the Governor, Lt. Govenor and the State GOP Party $28,000 in campaign contributions since 2010 turns out to have three children currently receiving BadgerCare health insurance - which in case you didn't know - is for poor kids.

Eisenga pictured on the far left, who according to court records is worth about $20 million dollars with a monthly income of $700,000 was required to provide health insurance for his children under his 2010 divorce agreement - so Eisenga got the boys taxpayer subsidized BadgerCare.

Eisenga took advantage of Jim Doyle's program to make the program available to all state children - even though it is designed for low income children. The more money you make the less BadgerCare covers - which makes Eisenga father of the year too.

A few people also want to know how Eisenga afforded $28,000 in campaign contributions when he happens to owe the State of Wisconsin $154,000.00 in taxes at the same time?

What the Siren really wants to know is who the hell sold Marie Tonette that dress in the photo above? Good god girlfriend, next time take Becky with you shopping - she's not doing anything anyway and she's totally rockin' that eggplant gown.