Sunday, May 13, 2012

Nobody Likes Tommy Thompson

Somebody ought to tell him, 'cause he doesn't seem to get it.

Tommy Thompson was not welcomed by the teabillies when he tried to use one of their rallies to announce his candidacy for Senate and his popularity isn't really growing.

Shut out of the Republican Party of Wisconsin state convention's official endorsement process - Tommy got knocked out in the 2nd round with 18 percent of the vote, he lasted longer than multi-millionaire Eric Hovde who got buried in the 1st round with 16 percent.

Mark Neumann and his Neubots helped get him 2nd place with Jeff Fitzgerald coming in first with an indecisive 51% vote of convention goers - but no endorsement.

So in a race with four guys, none got near the 60% needed to win an official endorsement, which has got to hurt - especially since Fitzgerald - the most popular guy - has yet to raise $100,000 dollars in campaign funds.

Of course the "official" endorsement doesn't matter because all four will be on the ballot against each other in the August primary - which makes us wonder why they do it in the first place.