Monday, May 7, 2012

Only One More Day For Wanggaard To Hide Behind A Chick

Primary day is almost here and that means Van Wanggaard won't have "fake" Democrat Tamra Varebrook to do his dirty  campaigning for him anymore.

You gotta hand it to Varebrook, she held a fundraiser for herself, made a YouTube video "campaigning" against John Lehman and got just about 25% of her campaign cash donated to her by the Republican party.

Wanggaard has had plenty of time to clean out his car - he'll have to campaign eventually. Varebrook will take her tens of dollars and go back to working the polls in relative obscurity.

We wonder what her fellow poll workers over at Humble Park - who work long hours for pennies because they think elections actually are important - will think of their "fake" co-worker now?