Thursday, May 31, 2012

Racine School Vouchers And Jesus Wept

It hasn't been a secret around town that St. John Fischer Academy teachers haven't been paid in months. Naturally, it took the Journal Times months to mosey over there to confirm it.

Fischer was going to start up their new school over a Kurt Medical Center and then moved over to Northwestern Ave - a building mired in foreclosure and complaints from tenants. They couldn't get the archdiocese to endorse them and didn't seem to have much of a plan.

Still, Fischer persevered in opening up their doors to get that state school voucher money for their students.

They screwed up their voucher applications about every way they could, but eventually the state money rolled in - not enough to pay their instructors - but they got a nice chunk with the promise of more.

Enrollment dropped to 28 students.

Why would the state of Wisconsin provide $171,000.00 of taxpayer money to a fly-by-night broke-down enterprise like St. John Fischer without benefit of any proven ability to educate children - let alone pay a bill?

Because when Robin Vos wrote his wet-dream school voucher bill he inflicted upon Racine - fueled with a cash baptism from Betsy DeVos and Christy Walton - he wrote it with no oversight or regulatory guidelines at all.

Welcome to free-market education folks. This is true capitalism y'all because it was YOUR capital that bankrolled this fiasco.

How well do angry, unpaid teachers perform we wonder? How much can one learn with unhappy parents and fleeing students?

Guess what? They're going to open a middle school next year.