Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tamra Varebrook, The Sweetheart Of The GOP Comes In 3rd In A Two Man Race

Fake Democratic candidate for Wisconsin Senate, Tamra Varebrook had her big Election Day debut yesterday and she got some votes: 9,507. Not bad, but nothing compared to the 20,273 votes for John Lehman.

According to the AP, Varebrook got 32% of the vote - which is a little misleading - when compared to the total votes cast, she actually only got 24% of the vote.

The AP doesn't factor in "under votes."

25% of voters voted for NOBODY for Senate, meaning Varebrook actually came in third in a two man race.

So ends the immediate career of Varebrook's fake candidacy for Senate. In Racine County, Republicans voted in favor of Scott Walker by 48.74% indicating less than a zealous desire to go along with the fake Democrat scheme - by nearly half. Republican voters did not act to try and oust Lehman with a false candidate - good for them. They showed far more integrity than the state and county GOP - as well as Wanggaard - who propped up Varebrook while they claimed to have nothing to do with her campaign.

It just didn't pass the smell test.

When Varebrook got caught holding a fundraiser for herself she drew perhaps too much attention to herself. Her money raised with contributions from the state GOP for nomination paper mailings and from Racine Tea Party organizer, Lora Halberstadt made her look even more like the shill she is.

With help from former Racine Co. GOP board member, Kevin Cronin on her Lehman bashing ad and of course the initial Journal Times story which featured her volunteer gig at the Wanggaard campaign office proved to be too much for even most Racine county Republicans on primary day.

Varebrook also earned herself some enemies. At least one person out there was busy contacting a number of people (the Siren included) with allegations about Varebrook's multiple mailing addresses and her personal finances.

Given that she was willing to present herself to the community falsely as a Democrat, take campaign contributions as a declared liar after having been a well known poll worker says more about her character than how she makes her money.

Nearly half of Republicans who voted yesterday seemed to think so too by withholding their vote for her.