Friday, May 11, 2012

Why Does Military Talk Make Billionaires Hot?

Billionaire Diane Hendricks stars as Cruella DeVille
Isn't it interesting that Scott Walker only says shit like "drop the bomb" and "divide and conquer" to billionaires but says to the people of Wisconsin:
"Today, I stand before you - not as the governor of one party or another; or the governor of one part of the state or another. Today, I stand before you as the Governor for all of the people in this State of Wisconsin."
One could get the feeling he isn't being completely honest.

Oh, so the shiz has totally hit the fan now that a video has surfaced of Walker telling billionaire and big time campaign contributor, Diane Hendricks how his budget "adjustment" plan is designed to "divide and conquer" public workers. Hendricks practically wets herself at the thought of a "right to work" breaking dawn.

"What can we do to help you" she purrs picturing that dead dalmatian cape she's gonna wear around her 6 houses. What she did do is donate a tidy $500,000 dollars during the no-holds-barred campaign donation raising bonanza Walker received until the recall was certified.

Walker also transferred $60,000 dollars to his criminal defense fund - a move he can only make with the approval of the donor. To do it easily would just take one okay from a donor with a contribution big enough to cover the nut.

Any guesses that it could have been from Mrs. Cruella DeVille herself?

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