Saturday, May 12, 2012

Triple Dipper Van Wanggaard Gets Outed

Just a Union Rep cop and his donut
Everyone in Racine knows about Van Wanggaard's pension. Oh yeah, they used to kill John Lehman for having a teacher's retirement and then getting paid as a Senator...

Then along came Van who didn't exactly retire as a cop - he got a disability - and then retired. Everyone shut up about the double dipping. Not a fucking peep.

(Now they rip Lehman because he was a conscientious objector to the war in Vietnam. A position he paid for with a felony conviction - because he didn't have a daddy rich enough or important enough to keep him out of harms way like George Bush and Mitt Romney.)

Of course, Lehman supported public employees during his tenure as a State Representative and then as a Senator. Opponents said (and still do) he's a pet of the "union bosses."

Lehman has been criticized for cashing roughly $11,000 dollars from union organizations during the recall so far - an ironic criticism considering Wanggaard has cashed in a similar amount from conservative union types like the Milwaukee Police Association, steamfitters and Milwaukee Professional Firefighters.

However when the Racine Police Association declined to endorse Wanggaard in the recall and instead endorsed Lehman - a Democrat (a first in their history) that Wanggaard's duplicity as a former union representative turned union buster showed how deeply his actions hit home.

It's not possible to exaggerate the resentment toward Wanggaard felt by many in the ranks of the police and firefighters - public servants Walker and Wanggaard claimed they had insulated from their union assault - these are loyal types not given to breaking tradition.

Their abandonment makes a difference.

It isn't just the locals who picked up on the hypocrisy of a guy who brings home about $90k each year of taxpayer dollars who unapologetically dismantled collective bargaining rights for public workers - rights that provided him the pension cash he gets every two weeks.

Longtime Wisconsin columnist, Bruce Murphy wrote about Wanggaard for his very first article this week in his "Murphy's Law" column in Urban Milwaukee.

It's worth the read. The only shame is Murphy didn't touch on the $50,000 dollar settlement Wanggaard got from Safeco Insurance Company after his on-duty car accident...another harsh irony given the tort reform laws Wanggaard supported and voted for - making it much more difficult for injured citizens to sue in court.