Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Urinal Sentinel Endorsed Joe McCarthy Too

Office of MJS Editor David Haynes
"The Editorial Board will not recommend candidates in the recall elections."
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 

This morning the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel endorsed Scott Walker in the recall election after saying they would not endorse in recall elections less than a year ago.

(Seriously, did they think no one remembered or might check?)

Anyway other than reversing a position they themselves made, it isn't much of surprise - or much of an endorsement either:

"Walker brought some of this animosity on himself. He chose an in-your-face style from the start. To his credit, the governor now acknowledges that he did a poor job of building support for his policies. "The one thing if I could go back in time is I would try to spend a little bit more time building the case," he told the Editorial Board earlier this year."

"Walker came to office promising that 250,000 new private-sector jobs would be created on his watch. But even considering the more favorable statistics released by the Walker administration last week, job creation has been sluggish."

"But the governor has insisted that he is not a target of the investigation and that he is cooperating. While the investigation surely is troubling, no evidence revealed so far implicates Walker. Overzealous political associates sometimes get in trouble. The John Doe probe doesn't justify a vote against the governor."

"But Walker's attacks on the state's largest city are overblown and divisive. He forgets to mention the fallout from the worst recession in 80 years or his own responsibility in cutting state shared revenue. Or the fact that he was Milwaukee County executive during the downturn."

"Strip away such purple rhetoric, and you find that Barrett, like Walker, is a capable and honorable public servant. But this election isn't about Tom Barrett. It's about Scott Walker."

Wow such a ringing endorsement - makes us almost reconsider our choice for Gov.