Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Vossy Gets An Opponent

Okay, who cut one?
In 2010 Robin Vos ran for office unopposed by Democrats. No matter how locked up you think the job is, having no opponent is a relief. Less hassle and a whole lot less money spent.

In the past, Vos has been challenged by good, smart Democrats who entered the fray thinking they were playing a game of statesmen. Their experience taught them differently.

Vos is a smug, petty debater who plasters on his "I smell a fart" face for the duration.

In 2012 Vos will face an opponent, thankfully in the form of Kelley Albrecht of Burlington.

Albrecht breaks the mold of previous challengers, not because she isn't smart - she is - but because she shows every sign of being as tenacious and self-confident as Vos is...maybe more.

Albrecht has been on the activist circuit for a while now and has picked up a few tricks that could spell trouble for Vos once the recalls are over. For one thing - she doesn't seem to be afraid of anything, including arrest.

No offense to the lovely, lady-like Linda Flashinski (Vos opponent 2008) the Siren can't picture her getting carried out of a listening session - whilst shouting on-message statements about Badgercare. It takes a tough cookie to maintain message discipline under arrest.

If you missed the first volley in the JT - it gave a bit of the preview of what we can expect...
Vos "called her “crazy” during the meeting, but later said he was referring to the protest that took place outside his January fundraiser in which Albrecht and others walked around in formal wear."
Albrecht replied “This goes back to my opponent’s ability to discount what the people have to say,” Albrecht said, when asked about the remark."
Shrill vs. not shrill. This chick is gonna give Vos a run for his money, and even if she has little chance of beating him in his new uber Republican district, Albrecht is going to bloody Vos every chance she gets and make this race as painful for Vos as possible.