Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Voter Suppression: Family Style

So a Republican guy didn't think too much of his estranged wife's choice for governor in the primary election yesterday and attempted to stop her in her car from going to the polls.

After a bit of standoff she wound up hitting him with her SUV when he dashed in front of the car.

Not to worry, the SUV is doing well.

Now, it was not cool at all for her to hit him with the car even though going up against a Dodge Durango with nothing but your Dockers is none too smart... at one point he perched himself on the hood of the car.

Aside from the whole hitting him with the car thing - this situation also sounds a little like a case of false imprisonment - in the vein of holding her against her will - which is a felony.

It is also a felony to prevent or dissuade a qualified elector from voting.

The wife drove to the police station to report the incident...but what we all want to know is did she get to vote?!