Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Walker Campaign PAYS People To Put Up Yard Signs

What else are you gonna do with $25 million dollars?

Why waste time trying to find supporters with good visibility to put up giant pricey signs when you can just find the spots you like and offer folks between a hundred and according to one source - $500 bucks - to let you put it there.

It's really a universe away from the hand painted signs made by retired union guys isn't it? Not that they don't have fun...too much if you ask us.

When you have endless money - you don't actually have to campaign or rely on volunteers - you can just pay people to do it for you.

BTW Americans for (their own) Prosperity is busing in folks from Illinois next weekend to fill up the crowd at the big June 2nd - Save Wanny - Jamboree in Caledonia. They are even providing lunch and dinner for the rent-a-crowd.

Nice work if you can find it.