Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Walker's Criminal Defense Fund Up To $160k

Yowza, that Scott Walker sure has a bunch of money doesn't he?

Yesterday was financial reporting day, so everyone was watching to see how much cash millionaires sprinkled across the country chipped in to save the bubble boy...and they sure did.

But first a surprise - Walker tossed an extra $100k to his criminal defense fund topping it off at a cool $160k.

It's no wonder these GOP criminals are all about the tort reform - Scott Walker is singlehandedly supporting the defense attorney industry. Figures one of his two lawyers is from Illinois - Walker can't fucking create jobs in Wisconsin no matter what.

Walker is the first Governor in Wisconsin history and the only one in the country with an established criminal defense fund. Readers will notice now that information surrounding his emails in an alleged bid-rigging scheme have picked up traction - he doesn't talk about being the guy who initiated the investigation does he?

See he says that in connection with the veterans money embezzling ring - an accidental bonus of the John Doe investigation was catching Tim Russell and Kelly Rindfleisch and their secret router system. Kevin Kavanaugh was to be the fall-guy in that mess. The bid-rigging looks to be the real target.

Walker did not initiate that investigation. Lol.   

So who else is all "in" to keep Walker in Madison?

Well, Walker raised an impressive $5 million dollars in a month. 75% of his cash came from out of state donors and nice check for $50,000 from the world's richest woman - Christy Walton of Walmart fame.

Compared to Walker's avalanche of cash, 70% of opponent Tom Barrett's donations came from Wisconsin residents. Let's hope Walker's embarrassment of riches really begins to dawn on voters before next Tuesday. It appears that no matter how much money he collects - he can't inch up in the polls.