Friday, May 25, 2012

Wanggaard Phones A Friend During Debate

It's official, public radio is duller than commercial radio. That must be the reason Van Wanggaard's debate with John Lehman last night on WGTD was a snooze-fest compared to the night before on WRJN.

However, Siren insiders who were at the debate said Van was seen reading text messages sent from an audience member while he was debating Lehman.

That's hilarious.

What do you suppose those text messages might have said...
  • My name is Van Wanggaard.
  • John Lehman will raise your taxes.
  • I was a cop.
  • My name is Van Wanggaard.
  • I like children.
  • I like women.
  • My name is Van Wanggaard.
Oh, the lolz.